The power of black, the vulnerability of white

The black in the first paintings is very strong, powerful and I'm not sure if it doesn't block too much out of the rooms where the photos have been taken. I'm looking at these realities, nature as one and house as the other, is black just too strong to deal with the indoor reality? It feels obliterated. So for the next paintings I have reverted to my trusty white paint.

I think the white paint gives a vulnerability to the work, it's softer, less solid, less definite. There are more glimpses of the room beneath and a sense of being a kind of note or record of the world, 'This happened, this was, at this moment...' I like the understated, not grand statements or presentations, I like the ephemeral. Moments in time are ephemeral, we are, in comparison to the world, ephemeral too.


I've also scribbled some ideas of titles on the white paintings, thinking about what this reality is, what do I do in these rooms whilst nature is just there on the other side of the glass? Should these titles be what I last did in the room, or what I generally do in that room, or something else which reflects this reality, this strange nature aware but everyday real life I have in 2017?