getting going again

Okay, so life as a newly graduated artist has been fraught with all kinds of doubt, self doubt, doubt about the art industry, doubt about fine art, all in all incapacitating doubt! Meanwhile I have continued a trickle of work, work which has grown into something I am pretty pleased with. This blog post is really the lead up to the body of work I'm just finishing up.

Continuing with the work I was doing back in February, exploring the concept of primary and secondary reality, taking photos with the intention of painting over them to question which reality is primary, and which is secondary to me.

I had thought it would be a good idea to try to take all the photos on the same day to keep the colours similar. After taking more and more photos I realised I had a record of all the rooms/nature over a 6 month period, that was the project and actually I could really choose from any of them.

I really wanted the photos to make the viewer feel as if they are in the room but looking out towards nature. It was tricky to handle the light so that the outside would show up and the inside would be in darkness. I am not really a photographer but I will try my best to find out how to achieve what I want. The more photos I took and the more I worked with this concept I realised that it wasn't necessary for me to physically paint out the indoors, I could achieve what I wanted purely through photography.