Going Solo – Duality -First exhibition since graduation

The exhibition is up and I had quite a few visitors yesterday, including my ex-tutor and friend Becky. We discussed my work at some length and in particular why I didn't have a statement about my work. I had written one but then got in conversation with a gallery owner who's of the opinion that my work didn't need any explanation. Being wobbly about presenting myself out in the real world I took that advice and swiftly removed the statement from my leaflets. However, on reflection I realise that the statement really adds more depth to the work and is needed, so I quickly printed it out and put it up in the gallery:


Sam King is interested in both her own relationship with nature, and the relationship between man and nature.
This work considers the idea that where we once lived and worked in close proximity to nature and had a strong connection to it, we now live and work in towns and cities and that close connection is lost. Nature was our primary reality but has become our secondary reality. Photographed in each room of King’s own home over period of 6 months, the resulting images reflect the duality of feeling that nature should be her primary reality and the conflicting actuality of living everyday life. Through sharing her relationship with nature King hopes to prompt the viewer to consider what part nature plays in their life and what it means to them.