Next project, Postscript.  Got to make art for a group show called Postscript.  I'm thinking of it as postscript as in what happened after, rather than an afterthought/message. My interpretation of the project is to think about 'a PS to Romanticism', or how the relationship between man and nature continues on. Here are a few photos I've taken over the last few months whilst pondering this.

I like these images but maybe they need to relate more directly to people and the choices they make, how a person or people relate to nature, how this relationship manifests today.  Nature has become  something we see as separate from ourselves, and yet in the grand scheme of things we can't survive without it and day to day many of us can't live without its  presence in our lives.  A garden, a pot plant, a bench to sit on in a leafy spot, a walk in the country.

The next photos follow this way of thinking.  The window belongs to a friend who doesn't bother that ivy is growing indoors as well as out.  The bottom photo shows the shed we decided to put right in amongst the trees, like a cabin in a wood, something I would love to have.  This is part of our relationship with nature.  A good direction to go in I think.