Duality 2017

Within my practice I am concerned with exploring both my own relationship with nature and the wider relationship between man and nature. I create work which reflects my response to nature in both manmade and natural settings. My focus is drawn to a specific element or place which I feel compelled to share, the rest becomes obsolete. I think of this as a mental process of selection and omission, a hierarchy of significance which is then translated into my work.


Duality 2017, installation scale view at Zoom Arts gallery, St Leonards on Sea, November 2017, with the artist Sam King


Duality is an installation of photographs which explore the idea, held by the philosophical Romantics, that where we once lived and worked in close proximity to nature and had a strong connection to it, we now live and work in towns and cities, and that close connection is lost. In artist herman de vries' words, nature was our 'primary reality' but has become our 'secondary reality'. Photographed in each room of my own home the resulting images act as a documentation of my life and relationship with nature, the duality of feeling that nature should be my primary reality, whilst living a life which prevents that.


Within my practice I am always concerned that there is a truth and an honesty, this manifests as a set of self imposed parameters. For Duality it became that, although possible to achieve an image of just the windows through photo editing, I would make the image with the settings on the camera. I reduced the light entering the camera so that the view beyond the window showed up and the room was merely hinted at. This meant that the natural light had to be just right, too much light bleached the windows and lit the room, too little and nothing could be seen. It took 6 months to get the balance of light correct for every room and have all 12 rooms documented.

Duality 2017, installation Zoom Arts gallery St Leonards on Sea November 2017

The images of each photograph shown below are a fair representation of the photographs but are a little lighter than they would be when printed due to being shown lit by a screen. For the installation the photographs were printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art German Etching paper with a 3cm border at 59.4 x 46 cm total size.

Cleaning the loo 2017, photograph

Collecting mugs 2017, photograph

In the bath 2017, photograph

Working 2017, photograph

Sleep etc 2017, photograph

Printing out 2017, photograph

Making tea 2017, photograph

Playing Wii 2017, photograph

Vacuuming the stairs 2017, photograph

Feeding Alf and Fat Guinea 2017, photograph

Watching Telly 2017, photograph

Collecting Glasses 2017, photograph