Working with Nature and the Landscape


I feel a deep connection with nature and love being out in the country, inspired by the experience of walking in the landscape my work explores my own relationship with nature and the relationship between man and nature. I create work which reflects my response to nature in both manmade and natural settings. My focus is drawn to a specific element or place in the landscape which I feel compelled to share, the rest becomes obsolete. I think of this as a mental process of selection and omission which is then translated into my work.

I see my work as an ongoing process, I walk, observe, and record my everyday experiences of nature, I take photos of plants, trees, paths and places that catch my eye. It’s an intuitive and emotional response to the experience and aesthetics of the landscape, whether it be a gnarled tree, a delicate bud or a winding path that catches my eye. Although my preference is to work with physical materials my conceptual focus has led to combining them with digital media. The processes I employ to create my work have developed from a desire to share the experience and beauty of nature and a belief in leaving living things where they belong. The resulting videos and paintings sit between genres, paintings which are also photographs, videos which are also interventions.

The Jena Romantics’ theories about how man’s separation from nature has led to the exploitation of the natural world, a theory shared by contemporary thinkers such as scientist James Lovelock and Dutch artist Herman de Vries continues to fuel my work. My most recent project Duality and has demonstrated to me how I look at place and environment, seeing a separation between man and nature, the built and the organic, but at the same time looking for connections and relationships between the two.

Through sharing my observations of the relationship between man and nature I hope to prompt the viewer to consider what nature means to them.