Day 4 of Duality

This is day 4 of my 6 day exhibition and so far I have had 30 visitors and I am very pleased with that. Yesterday was very windy and I had to shut the door, which people seemed to find discouraging, only 3 people came in so that was a slow day. There have been some really good responses to my work, today Brian Dockery wrote;

"An interesting exhibition that raises questions about the relation of darkness/light, inside outside, nature/domestic, how we relate to the 'natural world'."

Yes, all of the above Brian. I also had an even better response from an ex tutor and artist friend who just completely 'got' the work without explanation, which was extremely reassuring. I think that often when I make work I get so close to it I wonder what I'm on about, and ask myself is it really all of the things I wanted it to be when I began the project, or have I got too far away from that starting point? There is always the echo at the back of my mind of an art school tutor saying, "But is it really about that? I don't think it is...", the source of so much self doubt and critical reflection!

As people look at my work they often tell me which photo is their favourite, and ask which photos other people have chosen as theirs. It's a funny thing that we all like to do this, Duality is an installation of photographs that belong together, they are one work, choosing one would be like saying which bit of the painting is your favourite? Not that I really have a problem with that, just strikes me as a bit of a quirk we all have. Anyway this is my favourite, "Cleaning the loo". I know it doesn't hint at the room, you can't see glimpses of anything else, just the window, but for me the beauty and delicacy of that tree half obscured by a dirty window, tugs at my heart.